IPT: 1. Complete questions: - Page 4: Group task discussion and Group task activity - Page 5: Group task activity and Group task discussion

2. Define the following terms: - system *Resources and processes which work together to accomplish one purpose. - information system *components used together to gather information, store, process data and deliver data, (etc)..../ output displayed by an information system. knowledge is acquired when information is received. - environment *things that are influences or is influenced by the system. circumstances and conditions that surround an information system. - boundary *boundary tells us what is part of the environment and what is part of the system. portrait between a system and its environment. - purpose *a description identifying who the information system is for and what's its purpose. - information processes *what needs to be done to collect and transform data into useful information. (collecting organizing, analyzing, storing and retrieving, processing, transmitting and receiving and displaying are all examples of information processes.) - information technology *hardware and software that a information system uses to finalize its information processes.

3. What is the difference between data and information?

  • The difference is data is the raw information used by information processes and information is the whole output of data when displayed by the information system.

4. Consider the school’s timetable and roll attendance system. What is the environment and who are the participants and users in this system?