• Tiff or Nick

    For the CPW

    October 28, 2013 by Tiff or Nick

    Hi there Club Penguin Wikia,
    Since I can't edit there, I'll write it here. I'm truly sorry for what I have done and if I can just start fresh, I will do anything I can to make up the damage which I have caused. I didn't want to be a POTM anyway. I actually didn't mind if I am going to POTM or not.

    I can understand if you don't want me anymore, but at least read this.

    All my life, I just wanted to edit on Wikia as time to get away from the things that is happening in my school life. My Wikia time is to get away from tests, being physically, emotionally and mentally abused by students older than me.

    What I did was wrong and from the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry for the commotion at chat and for the whole community. I'm sorry for all the …

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  • Tiff or Nick

    Hey guys,
    In this blog post, I'll be teaching you guys who think you are not worth anything, that everything around you dies as you touch it. i.e. low self-esteem. Forget all that, I'm going to show you that even though life can sometimes throw you down, you can always come back and win in life, to succeed in life.

    Remember you only live once, so why not enjoy every minute of it? Remember to always crack a smile or even a laughter because before you know it, you would have gone to heaven.

    Bullying can be described as a "school crime", one that drops from one's high self-esteem to one that can actually make you want to commit suicide. Not only does it happen in the schoolyard, but it can also happen in your own home.

    • Fight back - retaliation wil…

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  • Tiff or Nick

    Friend's Death

    June 7, 2013 by Tiff or Nick

    Hello editors,
    You may have heard the latest story(ies) on the news. On June 5, 2013, my friend died after falling down a three story balcony after he ingested LSD. LSD is a hallucinogen which is legal in Australia, is rapidly sold across the net and its consequences can be very deadly.

    The reason why I wasn't here on the 6th of June, 2013 was because of this tragedy. After a few hours of ingesting LSD, he said that sorry to his sister and his mother, started to strip and said that he could fly. He stepped back where he lost his balance and fell to his death. His sister and mother couldn't stop him from falling. He landed on his body and was knocked out unconscious. It was a three-story balcony fall so you can imagine how huge the fall was.

    I …

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