Hey guys,
In this blog post, I'll be teaching you guys who think you are not worth anything, that everything around you dies as you touch it. i.e. low self-esteem. Forget all that, I'm going to show you that even though life can sometimes throw you down, you can always come back and win in life, to succeed in life.

Remember you only live once, so why not enjoy every minute of it? Remember to always crack a smile or even a laughter because before you know it, you would have gone to heaven.


Bullying can be described as a "school crime", one that drops from one's high self-esteem to one that can actually make you want to commit suicide. Not only does it happen in the schoolyard, but it can also happen in your own home.

What NOT to do

  • Fight back - retaliation will make things much worse as you have been involved in the fight. If you have the time, always try to run first. Running away may humiliate you at first, but it's worth more than getting yourself injured/hurt.

What to do

  • Run - Running away is the best thing to do in a physical type of bullying. As stated above, running away is worth more than getting yourself injured.
  • Tell someone - Telling someone can give you a witness. Once you are running, try to run to a teacher/parent or someone you can trust. i.e a principal. Try to tell them as coherent and clear as you can so they can understand what to do.
  • Ignore them - Ignoring them gives them a sense that you do not care about what is going on. This is most effective in a social type of bullying. If they persist, tell someone so they can help you.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is basically the same as bullying, however, this time, it is an online thing.

What NOT to do

  • Fight back - Again. Retaliation will only make things worse than it already is. If they persist, tell someone such as your parents, a teacher or even better, their parents. They can then help you overcome this event. If ever you retaliate, try to stop talking to them so you're not that big part of the fight, even if you are part of this.

What to do

  • Ignore them - The best thing to do in this type of situation is to ignore them. If you ignore them, they will eventually stop and you are not part of the fight.
  • Tell someone - Tell someone you can trust such as your parents, teachers or principal and make sure to take a screenshot/photo of the incident to have some evidence that this has occurred.

Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem mostly occurs in teenagers.

What NOT to do

  • Keep punishing yourself - If you keep punishing yourself, you will end up hating your life and eventually commit suicide. A BIG NO NO! Try to avoid people who let you down and try to think of what your future will be like, what you might achieve, what your goal is.

What to do

  • Think big - Try to think of your future career, whether you take up as an IT (computer programming i.e. coding, designing a game), an artist, or whatever you want, you can always accomplish it. There's never any doubt that you won't achieve your dream goal. Don't let a minor bullying incident or a low self-esteem incident let you down from completing your goal.


Vandalism is a big issue. This is mostly seen in toilets, train walls etc.

What NOT to do

  • Join in - Don't ever join in a big vandal group. Even if they grant that you're cool, just say no. It's better being yourself than being stuck in court or given a ticket by a police.
  • Encourage them - As stated above, don't encourage them. It will only make things worse.

What to do

  • Dob them in - Though people hate dobbers, the best thing to do is to tell the department. It may ruin your reputation or their lives, but it's better to have a clean town then having vandalism everywhere.

Vandalism (online)

Online vandalism is more quicker then vandalism. It may take outside vandalism about 1 minute to do a vandalism, but online vandalism is much more quicker.

What NOT to do

  • Panic - Panicking will only make things worse. If you see a live vandal attack, the first thing to do is to revert all of their edits and report it to an administrator. If ever, their vandalizing too quickly for you to keep up, seek a helper or someone else who you trust can get the job done.

What to do

  • Revert, report, resolve - The three R's is the best thing to do whenever a live vandal is occurring. Just revert their edits, report it to an administrator or bureaucrat and resolve the attack by undoing all their edits.


These are a list of helpers that can help you get the job done whenever it gets too big to handle.

  • Administrator/B-crat
  • Rollbacks
  • VSTF
  • Staff Members
  • Patrollers
  • Other members

Other information

Remember that we are all here to help one another. If someone is letting you down, just ignore them. They'll go away eventually. In order to maintain some peace in the world, we have to all work together to create a happy environment where no horrible things should occur.