This great move by Wikia to encourage more people to make wikis when they didn't even know what a wiki was is doing.... the complete opposite.

I am seriously considering moving my wiki (again). I came to Wikia from another wiki host and I am prepared to leave Wikia to go to another wiki host. I just hope I don't have to.
— B14
Just to let you know, Bleach Wiki, which according to your own ranking is 3rd on the top anime wiki, has actively started looking for a new home because the community is dead-set against your new skin because it will lead to us having to butcher our content. Do you still not understand that your skin will be bad for Wikia?
— Tinni
It looks like WoWwiki are considering leaving as well, the 3rd biggest wiki!
— Smiley12
On IRC we've been bouncing around the idea (for awhile) of leaving Wikia, checking out options, etc... Wikia plans to move us to a new skin in October (phasing out the old Monaco skin) and has already enacted rules limiting customization. Sadly, this leaves little control in the hands of WoWWiki users and admins to make the wiki look like WoWWiki always has and to maintain it in a way that reflect's WoWWiki's own interests. WoWWiki (and myself personally) have nothing against progress or change, but sadly the "new" look is not conducive to the wiki experience (you can see examples if you would like on other Wikia wikis) - the focus is on getting traffic to other Wikia wikis.
— pcj

Not only are you ignoring your users, even if there are valid statements or questions, you are losing your best wikis.