I would just like to publicly thank the Wikia Staff here.

Recently, my wiki, The Elder Scrolls Wiki went dark in protest to the SOPA/PIPA Bills, alongside the Call of Duty Wiki.

We experienced a little bit of a problem when doing so, with different users experiencing different reactions (some users could still see the site, others got a black site, others a white one, initially). I would like to thank the staff members, particularly Sansse, who helped Elchzard and myself work out what it was that we did wrong.

Know that it was very greatly appreciated :)

As for the bill itself - well, quite a number of senators and congress members in the US have actively switched their support of the bill to opposition of the bill, purely as a result of the innundations of phone calls and emails that they recieved from the blackout.

And we were an (albeit probably small) part of that, for which I am proud.

So yeah - thanks to all that joined in with the blackout, and thank you to the Staff members that helped us get our site looking the way that we wanted it to during the blackout