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  • TimmyQuivy

    Late last year, we updated the community on our plans to migrate FANDOM to the HTTPS protocol. This is something many of you have wanted to see, just as we have, and a lot more work has been done to help make this happen!

    Since our last update, we’ve continued making changes to our codebase to make switching to HTTPS as simple as possible. To kick off the migration, in early February we enabled a preference that allowed FANDOM Staff members to opt-in to having pages served over HTTPS for a number of randomly-chosen communities. After fixing a few bugs and doing some extra future-proofing — making sure images imported through custom JavaScript use the HTTPS protocol, for example — we extended the use of HTTPS to include all communities cover…

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  • TimmyQuivy

    Fifteen years ago I started editing my first wiki and it’s been a fun journey ever since - contributor, administrator, code developer, and for many years now FANDOM staff. Wiki coding now comes as naturally to me as breathing (and even easier than breathing today, when I have a cold!), but there was one thing that took me a long, long time to understand - bots.

    For the first few years of wiki editing, I heard people use the term “bots” a lot and it was unclear to me what that meant. Were there literally robots sitting at an office somewhere editing wikis? Were bots set up once and then run forever? Did they take breaks to dream of electric sheep? How did I get a bot for my wiki? For that matter, why did I need a bot for my wiki?

    Today, I'm g…

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  • TimmyQuivy

    At FANDOM it is one our goals to give you, our user base, as much control over your account as possible. We provide our users scores of switches and buttons in Special:Preferences to customize your content tools, offer you the ability to add your own custom scripts, and even let you pick your own editor. We also give you easy access to the basics of account control - making sure you can change your email, set your password, and choose what emails you receive from FANDOM.

    And now today, we’re giving you the power to change your own account name. FANDOM is pleased to unveil the next step in user self-service tools: The User Rename Tool. FANDOM has offered users the ability to rename accounts since 2010, but this required staff intervention to…

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