Hi everyone,

A wiki that has only one recurring user, with is me. A wiki that has six users and hasn't been edited for a week, except perhaps me. A wiki that has been gathering dust. Call it the Rail Rush wiki.
Cavern 2

A shot from the game

I took over this wiki some time ago, and overall my time as bureaucrat of it has been disappointing. I created pages for all the heroes and all the worlds. I created a new survivor-style contest. I worked to spread publicity of it, mentioning it in chat to the point of cracking jokes comparing the wiki to ghost towns. Still no regular contributors. It isn't even in the top 5000 wikis by WAM score.

Could it be that Rail Rush is simply past its experation date? Could it be that this wiki is simply ignored due to the game it is tied with is down, akin to a man tied to an anchor? I hate to think of things in that light, and I don't. At least yet. Where are the Rail Rushers contributing? *cricket chirps*

I prefer to look at the optimistic scenarios here. Eternal dust-gathering is not among those scenarios.

With full regards to the full Wikia community,