• Toki Tokyo

    Toma' Chien is one of the six protagonist in my book

    Species: Bear, immortal

    Ability: Eats humans/ Summons death,nightmare

    Friendly Appearance:

    Toma' Chien's eyes are mostly black with white in various places in the eyes. Toma' Chien has brown fur and pink visible in his ears. He has a light brown circle around his chest that connects its way to his stomach, the circle changes color depending on how he's feeling. Toma' also has a lot of hair which takes up his head and mostly his left eye. Toma' also bears a cute, friendly smile on his face.

    Fictional Background:

    Toma' chien was brought in a lab for DNA research after seeing that his species is dying off.

    Toma' Chien has a quirky, unusual personality likewise to the fact that with him being the a…

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