Toma' Chien is one of the six protagonist in my book

Species: Bear, immortal

Ability: Eats humans/ Summons death,nightmare

Friendly Appearance:

Toma' Chien's eyes are mostly black with white in various places in the eyes. Toma' Chien has brown fur and pink visible in his ears. He has a light brown circle around his chest that connects its way to his stomach, the circle changes color depending on how he's feeling. Toma' also has a lot of hair which takes up his head and mostly his left eye. Toma' also bears a cute, friendly smile on his face.

Fictional Background:

Toma' chien was brought in a lab for DNA research after seeing that his species is dying off.

Toma' Chien has a quirky, unusual personality likewise to the fact that with him being the alpha male in his species he tends to leave his territory for a...SNACK! He was never comfortable around human beings after the EVOLUTION WAR which led to Toma' Chien's declining population.

Gender: Male

Abnormal behavior:

Every night Toma' leaves the lab for food. He eats only during the night which leads to a big appetite. There has been reports that a shadowy figure that looks like Toma' Chien carries an axe around town.

When Toma' Chien is mad, his pupils are red and the outer layer of his eyes are black. Black liquid streams down his face from the eye sockets, and his razor, sharp teeth are present.

It has been said that Toma' has a demon mixed inside his DNA and the possible way to get rid of it was to kill him.