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First Post

So yeah. I've got a blog now. Exciting, huh?

Hmm...Probably not. I doubt that many people would actually read it. But for those of you that actually are, I'd like to say "Hello!"

My name is Jonathan, and I have been a good editor at quite a few wikis and Wikipedia for over a year now. (Under a few different nicknames than this, but that is quite a long story that not even a mass wiki could cover.) I am known as Tonnatwajes, and I plan to keep it that way now. There actually isn't much to write about right now, and I must say that my first post must entirely fail, so if ya want to read more about me just take a look at my user page here or on Wikipedia!

--TonnatWajes (Talk) 20:59, May 31, 2010 (UTC)

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