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  • Topher Anderson

    Pop-punk Bands

    April 1, 2012 by Topher Anderson

    Green Day (1987-present), Blink-182 (1992-2005, 2009-present), Sum 41 (1996-present), My Chemical Romance (2001-present), Boxcar Racer (2001-2003), Angels and Airwaves (2005-present), +44 (2005-2008), New Found Glory (1997-present), Goldfinger (1994-present), NOFX (1983-present), MxPx (1992-present), the Clash (1976-1986), the Sex Pistols (1975-2008), the Ramones (1974-1996), the Beatles (1957-1970), the Rolling Stones (1962-present), Coldplay (1996-present)

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