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Somethin Totes Weird

Okay, this is going to be totes weird: My frenemy, SparkleGirl21 (Kendall Williams is at my house asking for help. I mean, like, she should've just either texted me, e-mailed me, or called me, but nooooo, she wanted to talk in person. Like, what's the dif?

She needs help on how to act around Brandon, cuz he think she's being weird, (which is totes true, she's REALLY weird) which is good, so Brandon can ask me out cuz he though Kendall was being too weird. So I'm giving Kendall nooo helpful advice on how to act around him . . . at all. I want BRANDON Dunham. He deserves me, not Kendall. Bai. I'll post a blog tomorrow or the day after that. Idk, bai.

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