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A wiki-wikia of pokemon with no admin isn't no fun

Hello i've noticed up to since October the wiki/wikias of Pokemon Vortex's communities haven't been so enjoyable as i thought the reasons why are;

- No admin's been active since maybe 2009 or so on Both of these pokemon vortex's wikias i've left a messages onto there talk pages & i've wondered have they left or is there something trouble some?,

Anyways with no admin active i've done my very best on both & i was thinking is it okay if i could could i become (a) admin/burocrat user of the vortex wiki-wikia i haven't become one on yet?,

If you can let me know i've done a adoption for that one & i gotta say i could use some mega help on there SO please & thank you

All that needs to be done is deleting inapropraite information & maybe blocking/banning wikia contributors and without the right rights nor experiences it's hard on me so yeah whois ever eligable help is needed Please & Thank you for your time!!

Trainer Micah

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