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User blog:Trainfan110/I NEED all of your help!!!!!!!!!!


I NEED all of your help!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, LET me re cap what happened

  • so on my favorite wikia (the TTTEwikia) there were allot of fights on the chat, so they took away the chat FOREVER, as I tried to get on the forum but it wouldn't let me, it said I would have to re try and re try and keep re trying I got so mad I notified somone and I and begged for them to bring the chat back, and they said they will never bring the chat back onto the wikia, I got so mad since all of my best friends were on there, and so I left the wikia
  • I need your help
  • if you agree they should have the chat open on that wikia, say 
  • I am in
  • that shows u want the chat back, by the time I have so many people agreeing with me, I will send this blog post to somone ON the wikia, 
  • so this is like a potition,
  • Bye I GTG

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