It's been over a year since the release of Game Guides 2.0. In that timespan, we’ve reached over 1.2 million downloads thanks to your edits and content curation.

Now it’s time to take Game Guides to the next level. Armed with the largest body of gaming knowledge and a passionate community of experts like you, we’re all on track to become the top destination for gamers to not only find gaming help or information about lore, but to also discover the next games they want to play and, eventually, connect with other gamers in a meaningful way. But one step at a time…and Game Guides 3.0 is a big one.

The gamer’s destination

Aside from having a sleek, new look, the home screen now sorts your favorited Wikia communities by most recently opened, so if you’ve been focused on playing one game, the guide you need is always just one tap away. Below the list of your favorited games are constantly updated gaming videos that will make sure you won’t miss the latest trailers or reviews.

Perhaps the biggest change to the app is the number of ways you can now discover other gaming communities in addition to searching for them. You can browse communities sorted by recent game releases, upcoming game releases, and trending (ranked by WAM score). And when you find a new gaming community that you like, you can now conveniently favorite it from its community home screen.

Available today

Game Guides 3.0 is available today in the App Store and Google Play, so download it or check out the update if it’s already on your mobile device. And remember, as an editor and/or admin, you can help improve the app experience with these simple instructions. Thanks!

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