Month after month, one of our most requested subjects for our Day in the Life series is a Day in the life of Falkor, the unofficial mascot of the Community Team. We're very fortunate to have a dog-friendly office here at Wikia and many employees take full advantage of it. Today we're here to share the tales (and tails) of our Community Team all-star pooches, Jen's Falkor and Sannse's Daisy.

Dog Days

While quite a few dogs visit the office, Falkor and Daisy are here almost every day and are happy to make the Wikia office their daytime home. They have quite a drastic difference in size as Falkor is a Great Pyrenees, where as Daisy is a tiny Chihuahua.

A typical day at the office for Falkor and Daisy involves roaming around the office and looking for treats. Each dog has their own favorite napping spot. Falkor loves to rest on the cool floors outside of our conference rooms, while Daisy prefers the safety of napping close to Sannse in her desk drawer. However, both dogs get very excited when we have new vistors in the office or whenever lunchtime roles around so they can hunt for crumbs.

While, a day in the life of a dog at Wikia may not be particularly exciting, both dogs are always down for snuggles and have the extremely important task of keeping everyone happy at Wikia!

Do you have a pet? If so, what do you think your day be like if you could bring your pet in to school or work? Let's hear all about it in the comments section below!

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