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Happy Valentine's Day Wikia!

Some folks may roll their eyes at the holiday, but others see it as an opportunity for free chocolate and candy! (I mean, who doesn't love free candy?) On our Lifestyles Wiki, Grace highlighted a few wikis that have dressed up for Valentine's Day. WoW Wiki has added hearts to their wordmark, while the Harry Potter Wiki has created a special theme and slider to celebrate the holiday. Even the Dragonball wiki is even having a Speed Dating Blog for the show's characters.

Here on Community Central we haven't done very much decorating but we have written you a few groan-worthy wiki related Valentine's. First up is our variation on the classic "Roses are red" poem:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
If you edit my wiki,
I'll edit yours too!

Well, what did you think? Are those tears I see? Weep not, my fellow Wikians for we still have two more poems left! Next up is a wiki-haiku! A haiku is traditionally written in a pattern of 5-7-5 syllables. Let's take a look:

New wiki founded [5]
A blank slate for all to see [7]
Let's make some edits! [5]

And finally, we have a wiki-poem from our lovely Sannse:

Shall I compare thee to a wiki page?
Thou art more open and more changeable
Rough words do soon become more words all saved
And wiki text hath all been safely wrote

Think do you can do better? Post your own wiki poem (or haiku) in the comments section below and maybe we'll feature it! Also let us know if your wiki is doing anything special to celebrate Valentine's Day. 

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