Every wiki grows with each tiny contribution. Whether its correcting spelling on an article, starting a new blog post or updating a page with the latest information. A great way to help contribute to a wiki is to add screenshots. Screenshots may be from your favorite episode, of an awesome item from a game or a multitude of other places.

Taking Screenshots on Windows

  • Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. The Print Screen key should be located in the upper lefthand side of your keyboard.
    Screen shot tips - MLP Wiki

    The Trixie gallery over on the MLP Wiki uses high quality images.

    This will copy the image to the clipboard. Please note that this will capture an image of your entire screen.
  • Hold Alt and press Print Screen to take an image of a single window. This will capture your active window on to the clipboard.
  • Once you have the image on your clipboard, open up an image program such a Paint and paste the image by holding Control (Ctrl) and pressing V.

Taking Screenshots on Mac

  • Holding Command, Shift and 3 will take a screenshot and save it to your desktop.
  • Holding Command, Shift and 4 will take a partial screenshot and will automatically save it to your desktop.
  • If you have your sound on, you should hear the sound of a camera taking a picture.

Additional Notes

  • Some programs such as Steam, have their own special in-game image capturing system. Photos taken using that program will be saved to a specific folder.



Screen shot tips - Avatar Wiki

Make sure your file name is a good fit for the image!

  • When capturing an image, try and use the highest quality source. Most people would prefer to see a higher quality smaller image then a fuzzy large image.
  • Try not to use a fullscreen video and take screencaps via Printscreen or the equivalent. This will stretch videos on larger monitors, and lead to unnecessarily large files.
  • Lastly, make sure its appropriate for the wiki and page you are submitting it on.


  • Try to use descriptive file names when uploading new images to your wiki. This makes it much easier for others to find the images you've uploaded.Instead of 1002921.png try Aang meets Aapa.png
    • You can go even more descriptive by including the season and episode number in the file name such as S2 E16 Aang meets Aapa.png

Have any tips for the community on taking and adding screenshots? Please share them below!

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