So today was the second day of our Spirit Week. The theme was Blast from the Past. I dressed up as a person from the 80s. But somehow I never get to have a picture of me taken. It sucks! I'm always left out. I wish that everyone could have at least one picture of them taken for the Spirit Assembly, but unfortunatly that is not possible. But now is the past and tommarow is the future. So I need to suck it up and drive on. Tomarrow is Senior Citizen Day. We are supposed to dress up as an old person. And all I can come up with is the old clicle ideas. Like suspenders and goofy classes and what not. But I think I will just do that because participation is the main reason of the Week, right? I mean, seriously. You don't need to win anything to have fun, you can just dress up goofy with all of your friends and just hang out and have fun. Prizes won't change anything. Now though all im doing is waiting until 5:15 so I can get the txt from Jostens and we can see if I won the free class ring. Its very seldom but I feel lucky.