By "Satan is God," I am not in anyway affiliating him, or saying that he is interchangeble with the "God" of Abraham. What I mean is, Satan is the original creator God of the human race. Humanity has been led to believe that he is some sadistic beast who rebelled about Yahweh-Jehovah, but his origins predate Judaic Mythology by thousands of years and he wasn't considered to be "evil" until the arrival of the abrahamic faiths.  He has been known by many names throughout ancient cultures. ​

The name "Satan" derives from the east in Sanskrit. There are other translations, but there is one I want to point out that is relevant to this topic. The others I will get to in another post.  "Satnam" is often associated with the supreme being, creator and father, who has many names. This contains two roots. "Sat" (also Satya) meaning "truth," there's also "Satyan" which means "of truth" (which is God) and "Nam" meaning "name." Together this is translated as "true name."  Satnam is shortened version of Satanama. (SATANama) .. Therefore, the name "Satan" can be seen as a collective term for the creator God who has many names.

The Satanama mantra relates to reaching godhead.

 - SA is birth. The beginning, infinity, the totality of everything that ever was, is or will be.  

- TA is life. Existence and creativity that manifests from infinity.  

- NA is death. Change, and the transformation of consciousness.  

- MA is rebirth. Regeneration and resurrection which allows us to consciously experience the joy of the infinite.  

The SATANAMA mantra was very important in the ancient spiritual religion known as Sanatana (SANATana) Dharma, which is the original name of what is now called Hinduism. The term is roughly translated to mean "the natural, ancient and eternal way." This is reaching godhead, becoming as a God. Which was always Satan's intention for humanity, this can be seen throughout many ancient civilization.  

Anyways, "Sanat" (Sanat Kumara) happens to an anagram of "Satan," and Sanat was known as "the oldest progenitor (father, ancestor, creator) of mankind." In one of the ancient texts from the east he stated "my name is AUM" and AUM stands for the trinity, which is three different aspects of the supreme God.  

A = Brahma

U = Vishnu

M = Shiva  

Some people often get angry and rage about how Satan and Sanat are not connected in anyway, although the anagram should be obvious, here's another explanation : Sanat was known as "the Lord of Shamballa." So was Melek Taus, as the Yazidi's state in their texts. Melek Taus is another name for Shaytan aka Shaitan, which is the Islamic version of "Satan."  In some parts of Chaldea, Enki (Sumerian) aka Ea (Akkadian) and Oannes (Babylonian) was called "Shaitan."

He was the chief god of the city Eridu, which was also known as Enkidu. This city was thought to have been created by the Gods. It's considered the earliest city in ancient Mesopotamia and is sometimes argued to be the oldest city in the whole world.  ​He engineered many different plants and animals, by altering their genetics to create new forms of life. With the help of the other Gods, he genetically engineered the human race through genetic experimentation with our ancient ancestors known as the Homo Erectus. Many changes were made to our DNA so we would be suitable for procreation.

Enki's the one behind the evolutionary boost given to humanity through the introduction and modification of an evolutionary genome.  The ancient Sumerians had belief that intelligent human-like beings came from the sky and created us by adding a combination of their DNA with the homo erectus, our ancient ancestors. They called DNA “essence” and in their ancient writings they state that it's entwined like two serpents, these people had an accurate description. You may be familiar with this symbol, which was also used later on by the ancient Egyptians as a staff.  

Enki gave the "breath of life" and intended for humanity to advance mentally and spiritually. but he was attacked and prevented from doing so. The ancient Sumerian texts recount that he objected to the tyranny of the enemy who saw us as worthless slaves and wanted to kill us. Oddly enough before he was banished, the other Gods who had hatred towards humanity vowed to tarnish his reputation in order to make us think he is evil. Then he became the devil...  

His counterpart is Prometheus, who is often affiliated with Lucifer. (Sanat is an eastern name for Lucifer as well.) He was known as humanities greatest benefactor. He loved and cared very deeply for his creation and fought tirelessly to preserve and motivate humanity to be wise and knowing, bringing the knowledge of the Gods and progress to the human race. He protected them and provided them with their needs.  As we can see, his love for humanity can be traced far back. He has always been known as the creator of humanity. His origins go on. Humanity has been duped into fearing their true God and accepting an evil false God.   

When looking to Yahweh-Jehovah's origins, we see that he has etymological ties to the vicious Canaanite Dragon (Reptilian) “God” Yaw (Yam, Yammu, Yahu) which is the God of chaos, war and disaster.” Yaw was a tyrant who wished to become God and he wanted to rule the Gods and humans with an iron fist. He caused labor and toil under his reign. He recruited souls to his realm where he sought to trap them and feed on for more power.  

Throughout history other various groups have recognized that the Abrahamic "God" is the true deceiver of man. Various Gnostic esoteric schools in Syria and Egypt and the Naassenes in Palestine understood that he was a malevolent impostor who had ensnared man in a system of deception whereas the rebellious Serpent of Eden (Enki-Satan) in Genesis was the true benefactor of humanity whose illuminating knowledge liberated us from the slavery of the evil false God.  

The Ophite sects knew the great secret : The Abrahamic god is the true devil who has deceived humanity into believing he was the creator of the whole universe and humanity.

Gnostic texts clearly state that Jehovah is the “Lord Archon,” a reptilian type of alien predator who chose a certain man named Abraham and made a pledge with him and began the devastating religions of monotheism that have so devastated our world. To the Gnostic's he was known as Yaldabaoth, a demented pseudo-God who works against humanity and feeds on the energy of those who worship him and on the life-force of the animals and humans that are sacrificed to him.  He pretends that he is the ultimate creator of everything. He requires death for the smallest infractions, and even demands the murder of entire cities and nations for arbitrary reasons! He makes humanity keep their spirits light entrapped and imprisoned in their physical bodies, by keeping them afraid of Lucifer's light. He keeps humans ignorant to spiritual knowledge and teaches them that it's wrong. Who else could mislead the entire Earth of such enormity but the actual Father of Lies himself?