you must have atleast a 5/10 to pass and thats bare minumum Beyblade wiki- from what i can tell they are a VERY organized wikia every thing seems to be grammar perfected and in its own category. The people in chat room seem very nice and have informd me that spam has not been an issue. And apparently theyre are no abusive admins. Theyre have been a few blocks but thats not theyre fault is it. Sock puppeting does not seem to be aproblem at all and badge boosting doesnt seem apparent over all this a very wonderful wikia and probably the closest ive seen to perfect so far. i give them a 10/10 give them a round of applause Turreteer (talk) 17:17, July 24, 2012 (UTC)

Call Of Duty wiki- Okay i will start off by saying they have many pages and each is helpful theyre very few grammar mistakes on chat everyone was nice and they say that abusive admins have not been a problem BUT checking ban logs theyre are ALOT of bans both chat and editing bans. It is still a very helpful wikia over all but with the amount of spammers there may be some junk pages and innacurate information the admins have informed me that they take care of problems swiftly and it seems as if they do so cutos to them for that. Everything is organized well and they almost have 5000 pages and they were made in 2007 thats amazing i know i said before they have tons of blocks well they do but they seem to have an AWESOME spam team. I give them a 9/10 because while theyre is alot of blocks people take advantage of young wikis once its older im sure that 9 will be a 10. Go check out theyre wiki guys its awesome and with your help they can get a 10/10 in no time. Plus who dosnt like call of duty except HALO fanboys.