Wikia hear our words


Your push to force this new skin has been met with a lot of anger. All you ever do is site the biggest wikis and things, completely disrespecting and disregarding the little guy as an equally important and productive member of the Wikia community.

Your consideration to remove the Shout Box has invoked the wrath of over one hundred users and growing, and has shaken the faith in whether or not you, the company, respect your customers.

Every time we try to scream out at you, you ignore us, only responding to positive remarks, and never listening, not once, to what everyone else is saying. If one hundred people say that they adore something, and ten thousand say they hate it, you seem to act like the one hundred are all that matter.

There are many wikis that took ages to adapt to the new Monaco Sidebar. We, the CPFW, did. I myself was a late adopter because I was so stubbornly affixed to Monobook, but even I bit the bullet for you.

The wrath of the Masses is not so much at your attempts to make a new skin or "improve" your bottom line Wikia, but that you are making this switch compulsory and are forcing us to accept it, after we only just got around to accepting Monaco.

You care not what the majority thinks, and this is something I never thought that Wikia would do. Now, I stand and shake my head in sadness as you continue to tout your new skin against the will of a very angry community.

Oh, and the worst part, as folks like Uberfuzzy know... is that you criticized me for what you are doing now.

For those of you who do not know me or my work, I have been a long-term user of Wikia. I once edited the Club Penguin Wiki, and then I was exiled to the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki.

To make a long story short, over the course of years, I was promoted to sysop and then bureaucrat, trusted with handling the community, and then, at my peak, I took over. Literally, I took over. I led the site with an iron fist, and the other administrators would go about their jobs, as would I, until special circumstances arose.

My power was centralized on what I enjoy calling "the holy veto". When things that I or a lot of people (usually me and my close sysops) viewed as undesirable, I would outstretch my hand and delete it. Many a controversy was smashed by my use of veto. I sat passively, editing and contributing like a normal man, until something bad arose. Then, I would stand and use my delegated power to smash it out of existence.

My power was large and limited solely by my own conscience. At my peak, I could even promote others at will (though I actually stripped that power from myself at the angered community's demand), delete talk pages, and write policy.

Then, my throne fell from under me as a revolution tossed me out like a worthless scrap of paper. I am never even remembered on the wiki I helped for years.

This is beside the point. At the peak of my power, the Staff waltzed in and criticized me for "creating drama", and were displeased at how I operated the wiki. They told me that a Wiki is not a democracy, it has no central power, rights not ranks, blah blah blah blah blah and stuff I still don't care about. I eventually lost my position and, rightfully so, every Staff member started to hate me.

Now, lo and behold, look at what the Staff is forcing on us now! Is Wikia too different than me?

TurtleShroom Wikia Master Staff
Crushed dissent Completely ignored dissent
Deleted controversy Completely ignored controversy
Listened to users and occasionally considered their ideas Blatant disregard of the Masses
Was given the power by the community, for a while Owns the site and dictates at whim
Had the authority to rewrite the CPW's policy Has the authority to rewrite Wikia itself
Answers to the Staff and the Masses Answers to no one
Can be blocked, demoted, or destroyed at the whims of enough people Are intangible and can not be touched by any amount of people
Admits he did wrong in areas of governing Refuses to admit that many don't like what they're doing
Was not paid Receives salary
Paid attention to the Masses Blatant ignorance
Received no payment other than praise for work Big bucks if the advertisers approve
Considered the stability of the site a salary Pushes for more money at any costs
Content without cash Laden with avarice
Loves wikis Is the wiki
Years of experience Years of experience
Comes to Wikia daily for fun and productivity Comes to Wikia daily because it's their job
Values the little man unless he questions stability Does not value the little man
Driven by self Driven by money
Answers to the community Sold out to the advertisers
Yells at dissent and/or debates it with reason Completely ignores dissent
Is aware that the Masses are angry Continues to force their will
Is dedicated to the wikis he works on Is dedicated to their wallet
Works for nothing Profit-driven
Seventeen years old Age varies but is in adulthood
Is obsessed with a small wiki with few users Only references and links to Muppets, Star Wars, etc.
Considers himself correct when governing Considers themselves correct when governing
Listens to blog comments Listens only to positive blog comments
Can be deposed Intangible
Contributes directly to wikis as well as governing Mainly governs and performs maintenance
Earned the position Owns Wikia, gets the position
Fell from power Intangible
Feels guilt when doing wrong Keeps on trucking
Logs on daily because he wants to Logs on daily because it's their job
Has singed the Central Petition Completely ignores said petition
Has signed the TDIF Petition Completely ignores said petition
Has taken time to express dissent Ignores all dissent
Cares Doesn't care
Biased by religion Biased by money
Forbids all swearing Allows all swearing
If in said power, would have allowed choice in skin Refuses to allow choice period
Respects the little wiki Respects big wikis and money
Sees Wikia as serious business We must emulate the FaceBook
Teaches Noobs to use what we have Makes it Noob-friendly at the teachers' expense
Largely hated outside of small circles Debatable
Ranks are rights and practices such Rights not ranks yet crushes the commoner
Is unable to shove things down others' throats without retaliation Is completely immune to any anger, no matter how large
Is one man Is a corporation
Wiki over money Money over wiki
Tries to never contradict Contradicts frequently
Read this Never answered
Tries to practice what he preaches Hypocritical
Small-time Big-time
Incapable of astroturfing Hmm...
Creates drama Creates drama
Gets yelled at for drama Makes drama at will
Admits he is a dictator and even used the title Is a dictator but refuses to admit it
Dictates his community Says community is most import- wait a minute!

Get it? Wikia has become more like me than they know. In some areas, I am better than them, in others, they are better than me.

You have no right to criticize the speck of consolidated power in my eye when you have this whole tree of forced skin and shout box removals lodged in your eye. Your hypocrisy sickens me. It SICKENS ME. I would be ashamed if I disrespected my customers this much.

I will never be corrupted by money as you would be. Is it my faith, or my morals, or am I missing something here?

Wikia, we're not against you making a new skin we're against it being FORCED DOWN OUR THROATS.

Consider our whims, listen to us, and please, don't become what YouTube has.

Also, on the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, we're already threatening to walk.

Wikia, hear our voice, WE WANT CHOICE.

-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) HEAR OUR VOICE, WE WANT CHOICE!! 21:37, September 1, 2010 (UTC)