Favourite ship on degrassi: Camaya 

I know they ended like 4 years ago but Camaya was one of the best couples in Degrassi. They are and will always be one of my favourite ships on Degrassi. Campbell Saunders was Maya's first love and Maya Matlin was Cam's first and only love. They were so cute together, I wish he never comitted suicide since it ended their relationship and effected Maya in a really bad way. I miss this couple so much, I still get tears everytime i watch videos about Camaya or watch past episodes with Camaya scenes in it. I hated the love triangle with Cam, Maya and Zig since it effected their relationship but i also liked it since Maya still chose Cam over Zig. I also hated the love triangle since Tori, Tristan and Maya were best friends and Zig and Tori were in a relationship at the time when Maya and Zig kissed. Maya stopped it but felt regret since she still loved Cam even though they weren't together since they broke up and since Tori was her best friend. Later on Cam and Maya became girlfriend and boyfriend again, Maya told him about the kiss, she then said " Say something..." He then said " It sucks... Good luck." He then walked away. He said 'Good luck' since she had a 'Battle Of The Bands'. After her peformance he came up to her and said that she was confused at the time and that he still wanted to be with her if she isn't confused (something along those lines). She then said she wasn't confused and that it was always him that she wanted. They then had a great passionate kiss!

After Cam's suicide it effected a lot of people in different ways, Maya was in denial at the beginnning and then she tried to kill herself which was an outcome of Cam's suicide. His sucide was triggered by Zig since he told Cam to get out of Maya's life forever, which caused Cam to kill himself since he had depression. May he rest in peace. In conclusion 'Camaya' will always be one of my top three ships of all time!