• Twilightsong88

    Squirrelflight sighed as she walked through the silent forest.two close friends will become loving mates and the squirrel could be drowned in a pool of blood by the son of a bloodthirsty tiger. She finally understood she would choose ashfur.

    Squirrelflight saw ashfur take off must be hunting squirrelflight thought in amusement. She waited patiently for him to return. Ashfur came up to her a vole in his jaws. He dropped the vole and sat down next to her. Ashfur smiled "hey squirrelflight" ashfur purred "hey ashfur I need to tell you and ask you something" squirrelflight stammered "you see I really like you as in I REALLY like you as in I love you will you please be my mate?". Ashfur widned his eyes in shock "you?" ashfur gasped bewilered "ju…

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