Squirrelflight sighed as she walked through the silent forest.two close friends will become loving mates and the squirrel could be drowned in a pool of blood by the son of a bloodthirsty tiger. She finally understood she would choose ashfur.

Squirrelflight saw ashfur take off must be hunting squirrelflight thought in amusement. She waited patiently for him to return. Ashfur came up to her a vole in his jaws. He dropped the vole and sat down next to her. Ashfur smiled "hey squirrelflight" ashfur purred "hey ashfur I need to tell you and ask you something" squirrelflight stammered "you see I really like you as in I REALLY like you as in I love you will you please be my mate?". Ashfur widned his eyes in shock "you?" ashfur gasped bewilered "just say it okay! you don't like me!m you're going leave me! your gonna-" she was interrupted by ashfur's muzzle on hers. Ashfur's eyes were full of love "I love you too squirrelflight and I always have" ashfur purred. Overwelmed with joy squirrelflight pressed jer head against his they touch noses.Ashfur smiled "forever and always?" ashfur asked "forever and always ashfur" squirrelflight purred.

Squirrelflight sank her claws into the ground and yowled in pain. Leafpool felt her flank for a brief second "okay one more squirrelflight you can do this" leafpool soothed "stop saying that!" squirrelflight snapped "this feels like constipation but worse!" she braced herself and felt a little kit squeeze it's way out. Ashfur bent down to lick the little kit. Leafpool smiled warmly at her sister "3 beautiful kits 2 toms and a she-kit" leafpool purred leaving the den. Ashfur layed down behind squirrelflight. He looked at her and the kits lovingly. One of the toms was the biggest of the litter and he was a dark ginger tom with dark green eyes the other tom was the runt of the litter and he was a pale gray tom just like ashfur but without the speckles and the she-kit was a creamy colored she-kit with one white paw and beautiful purple eyes. Ashfur licked squirrelflight between her ears "I think we should name the ginger tom blazekit" ashfur purred and squirrelflight nodded in approval "the pale gray tom should be wolfkit" squirrelflight murmured and ashfur smiled proudly. They both looked at the she-kit and smiled "sunkit" the both murmured together. 

Squirrelflight was glad to finally be able to hunt again and move around as much as she loved her kits. Her kits were now apprentices blazepaw,wolfpaw,and sunpaw. She loved them dearly and her mate ashfur. She saw brambleclaw crying she went over to him. She looked at brambleclaw sympathetically "hey brambleclaw what's wrong?" squirrelflight asked soothingly "y-you chose ashfur over m-me when I-I loved you squirrelflight!" brambleclaw cried "brambleclaw I'm so sorry I would be happy to be your friend I just love ashfur I'm so sorry" squirrelflight sighed "but why him? why not me? I was the first to always understand you! I could have loved you. you could have loved me back. WE could have been perfect together! but it's to late now this friendship is over!" brambleclaw spat running off and squirrelflight just sat there in pure shock and guilt. 

Ashfur and her were taking a walk when they saw brambleclaw and hawkfrost above a cat in a fox trap. Coolness wrapped around squirrelflights stomach like ice when she realized the struggling cat was firestar. Squirrelflight and ashfur leapt at them both. Squirrelflight was fighting hawkfrost while ashfur was fighting brambleclaw brambleclaw was bleeding terribly and ran so did hawkfrost. Ashfur helped firestar out of the trap "ash-ashfur your a true warrior I would like to make you my new deputy brambleclaw will be exiled" firestar croaked and together the two warriors helped him back to camp. 

Ashstar now leader of thunderclan was happy to give his kits their warrior names blazefall,wolfgrowl,and sunflower. A dark brown tabby tom suddenly leaped on to the high-rock pinning ashstar down "iv'e counted how many lives you lost your on your last one goodbye ashstar!" brambleclaw laughed "ashstar! no!" squirrelflight cried rushing over but it was to late brambleclaw bit into ashstar's throat. Squirrelflight saw brambleclaw aim for brackenfur the deputy. Squirrelflight leapt onto his back "no more deaths from you brambleclaw!" squirrelflight growled and they both sliced eachother's throats brambleclaw fell to his death in the brambles while squirrelflight died by ashstar's side. 

Squirrelflight looked around and saw ashstar in starclan. It was time for brackenfur to recieve his nine lives. Their kits were still learning to control their powers but they knew and so did all of starclan that they would succed. Just like she succeded when she chose ashfur.

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