• TwinStar

    Trigun Wiki.

    January 25, 2011 by TwinStar


    Can anyone Help it, and maybe Modify it's theme? Because it's forgotten. Thanks.


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  • TwinStar

    Some Questions.

    November 15, 2010 by TwinStar

    I've got these questions, that are kinda bugging me. Instead of hating everything like some Users, i decided to ask these questions here, with a hope for an Answer.

    • On random timings, some Wikis become quite slow. Why? (Answered).
    • Sometimes, when i try to upload an JPG Image through the "Add a Photo to this Wiki" tool, it says that the File is either an Unknown Format, or is Corrupted. But when i try to add the same Image through a Gallery, it works fine. Why? (Answered).
    • Whenever an Image is uploaded, it won't show for some time. Why? (Answered).
    • On some Blogs, the Comments dissapear and any new Comment that would be written won't apear. This problem later dissapears, but all the old Comments of such blogs won't appear, as if like they were dele…

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