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  • My occupation is nothing.
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    Hey guys. I have a problem with changing my avatar. I can't pick photos from my PC to be my avatar. Only the lame samples. Like everytime i pick one of my photos to be the avatar, the photo doesn't load and seys "No file choosen." when i choose a freaking photo from my PC. This is very annoying and frustrating. I really don't like the dog avatar. So please give me solutions for this problem. PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • USMC Lance

    Help our wiki!

    November 25, 2011 by USMC Lance

    Hello my name is Lance. I'm a contributor to the Classic Cars wikia. Um we need alot of people to help out. The Classic Cars wikia has been here since August. We need more people to help out. You don't have to know alot about cars. Just search a classic car specifically, copy and paste the info you got and make it into a page. Thats it. You could use wikipedia and etc. I hope you guys listen to me. The founder and I want the wikia to grow. So please help out. Hoping to see you guys in the future. Good day.

    By the way, heres a link to the wiki:

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