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    Heroes United!

    June 27, 2014 by UltimateGohan98

    Recently I've been apart of many wiki's around wikia, most roleplaying wiki's, but I've always wondered why there were so few comic based rp wiki's. Well, after some hard work and a group of helpful friends, I created a wiki based on the world's most well known comics. From DC to Marvel, Heroes United will provide you with the full experience of being in a comic book. There's more to it though, as you get to make your own characters while you fill the role as a hero, villian, anti-hero, or vigilante. So come over to Heroes United and check out our many features and join. I guarantee you'll have a fun time and make friends with our community's members. Two links are provided below:

    Wiki Link:…

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  • UltimateGohan98

    What's up fellow wikians, I'm UltimateGohan98 formerly known as Gohanssj3 for all of my peeps who know me out there. For all Dragon Ball Z and Role playing lovers I bring you one of the best Dragon Ball Z role playing wiki's ever. Dragon Ball Z Role Playing Wiki is the name and here you get to create your own characters to explore and conquer the DBZ world. On our wiki we have many things that are not only fun but things you are guaranteed to enjoy. Here is a short list of what DBZRP provides for you.

    • Training in many locations to try to learn of transformations, techniques, and to gain XP.
    • Battle friends and other characters to put their skills to the test, and battle to the fullest, who knows you fight even become a Super Saiyan in one of …
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