Wiki-wordmark-2 What's up fellow wikians, I'm UltimateGohan98 formerly known as Gohanssj3 for all of my peeps who know me out there. For all Dragon Ball Z and Role playing lovers I bring you one of the best Dragon Ball Z role playing wiki's ever. Dragon Ball Z Role Playing Wiki is the name and here you get to create your own characters to explore and conquer the DBZ world. On our wiki we have many things that are not only fun but things you are guaranteed to enjoy. Here is a short list of what DBZRP provides for you.

  • Training in many locations to try to learn of transformations, techniques, and to gain XP.
  • Battle friends and other characters to put their skills to the test, and battle to the fullest, who knows you fight even become a Super Saiyan in one of your battles
  • Interact with friends on chat and interact through characters while roleplaying to make you feel like your actually in the show.
  • With many races to choose from that fits your needs
  • Major story arcs happen so you will be able to battle bosses and attempt to save the world or even the universe.
  • Transform into a form of your race, For example Super Saiyan for Saiyans and Second form for Ice-jins.

And much more...

So don't be shy come on over and mingle with others and try to earn the title of World's Strongest. A link is provided below