Greetings fellow Wikians, I have found out that there seems to be some technical difficulties with the chat feature as of late. The crash was suppressed a few months ago, but somehow the chat crash has returned. Many wiki's chat have been crashing in the last day, and some users were experiencing some unfamiliar things going on in the chat. Some regular chat users see some users that they have never seen before. Some users also get sent to another chat, and that chat does not match the URL. It can annoy many users, as they might have to refresh multiple times, but do not worry, because I am sure that the engineers are working on the solution to the problem soon. Here is the list of glitches:

  • People seeing random users in chat. Example: This random user has a moderator symbol (star), and he has a username that is unfamiliar to the users.
  • The user does not see his own username in the top right corner of the chat window.
  • The other user receives the message that you have sent.
  • The user attempts to go to their intended chat, but ends up in a random (or unfamiliar) chat room.
  • The user sees a blank screen on the chat window.


Chat is a great feature, and Wikia worked very hard to make the chat stable. If you have any feedback, ideas, and/or questions, feel free to comment in this blog. By the way, if you ever witness any errors and/or glitches, please do not hesitate to report it to Special:Contact.

Note: I underlined some sentences for emphasis.