Modern Chat Skin

Greetings fellow Wikians, I have decided to create a more modern look on the chat and make a few major modifications on there. This is in response to Wikia Inc. modernizing the FANDOM site. I do not want the Chat to be excluded from the modernization process as it is an intuitive feature. The skin was created using both CSS and JavaScript.



  • Rounded avatars.
  • A wider chat rail.
  • A more modern feel of the Chat.
  • No background on the rail wordmark.


  • Add the moderator badge next to the user's chat message.
  • A bottom toolbar that will allow the users to add menus on there.
  • Redesign the user stats menu.


If you want to try the script, you can import it to your personal JS or site-wide JS (not recommended).

    type: 'script',
    articles: ['u:carnage-test:MediaWiki:FandomizedChat.js']


The sources of the script are linked below:


If there is any suggestions or concerns, feel free to comment on this post.