One great thing about wikia is that when there is an large active developed wiki that attracts many users and a smaller less active underdeveloped wiki that not many users knows about, wikia offers the ability to merge the wiki's into one. In order to do that, there is a feature that allows users to export pages from a wiki and import pages into another wiki. Whileerges is a good thing that benefits the community, there is one flaw in it that I discovered which made me discover a way to correct the flaw for he future benefit of wikia. The one flaw is that regardless of a merge or not, any user can export a page from one wiki, and if they are an admin of another wiki, they can import it to their wiki. That means that any admin on a fanon wiki, can export somebody else's fan made work on another fanonpr wiki of the same subject, import it onto their wiki, and claim it as their own. So I have a perfect idea to solve this problem. The Exporting and Importing feature should be edited by wikia staff, to make the feature only be able to be used by wikia staff so that we can make sure that the only time when pages are exported and imported, are when they merge.