I have a proposal for Wikia's policy of closing an account. For a while on wikia, when a user requested for their account to be globally disabled by wikia, their accounts have been globally disabled shortly after. But since May 2014, it now takes 30 days with a chance to reactivate the account before it is globally disabled. While that may be good for users that are undecided whether their account should be globally disabled or not, it is bad for users who request for their accounts to be globally disabled and want their accounts globally disabled as soon as possible. Therefore I propose a policy where using the contact form, when users click on the "disable my account link" and request for their account to be disabled, they will be scheduled with 30 days to be able to reactivate their account before it is globally disabled but if they send a regular email without the "Disable my account link" their account will be globally disabled much sooner.