Hello Wikia admins and Crossroads residents. My name is the Next X-Man. I hail from the Marvel fanfiction Wikia known as Marvel Crossroads. I'm here to attempt to get him removed. The man in question is named PhotonCommander10. He is the founder of our Wiki, and lately, well, since we started in January, he's been a bit of a problem. He is an arrogant, self-obsessed man who was lucky to find power. When the website started, it was him, Artemis Panther, and Mr. Xemnas, then going by Spidey-Jackson. I was the first recruited user, and was soon accepted into the ranks of adminship. But it seemed he (Photon) would be the one to stand in the way of our success. He always votes opposite of us in admin votes, and he blocks anyone who has opposing views with him. This tends to be myself or Mr. Xemnas, and we've been blocked or demoted between the two of us more times than we can count on both hands. But let the evidence speak for itself... Here, he is unwilling to delete a duplicate category from 10 of his articles, insisting it would take too much time. This had created many misunderstandings in deletions, and also many questions, going against the benefit of the Wikia. Here, he differs in opinion on ONE event from another user, and makes a huge deal over it when I try to keep the peace. A verbal assault from another admin was all from preventing a full-out blocking/ignorance war. I believe I was blocked after this. Here, I was accused of something I did not do, which broke a rule that never existed. He uses his power to make up rules, believing he's above others and can do such things. Here, in the comments, he argues of his duties as an admin, and refuses to acknowledge the fact that he continuously misspells a user's name. Here, I have been shot down for a piece of friendly advice. In asking for an Earth-#, I tried to protect something I had. An original idea I've had since I was 7. Photon interjected just how "rude" it was, when I was only trying to talk to the owner of the number. Here, Photon becomes extremely defensive when a small piece of negative feedback is presented. And finally, after deciding the Wiki was suffering due to our frequent arguments, I decided to meet him halfway and apologize, getting that as a response.

So obviously, the evidence is not perfect. But alas, much of the bad things done were in chat, and not saved or easily presentable. So, I hope I can get some help, please comment if you are from Marvel Crossroads, or if you are Wikia staff. Otherwise, commenting is appreciated. I hope that Wikia staff decides to remove him. The Next X-Man (talk) 18:40, June 22, 2013 (UTC)Next X-Man