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  • I live in Missouri
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is being a geology geek, music theory and STEM nerd, taxonomy maniac, fantasy and sci-fi fan, local history lover, and a foreign food fiend
  • I am an enigmatic lady with broad interests
  • Universalguardian1003

    Message Wall

    October 13, 2011 by Universalguardian1003

    "We love our passionate Community Central readers — we really do! However, until we see a wider release of Message Wall, we won’t make any determinations about how this product will work simply based on the number of “No!” comments received in the previous blog post. (As of my last check, the over 1,100 comments on Dopp's post were made by just ~300 individuals.) We literally have millions of users on Wikia."


    This is not a personal attack, only an example.

    Lala. I prefer source to the visual editor anyway, that's one of the few good things I find in this message wall.

    There may only be 300 people that left comments out of millions, but so what? Most of those users are probably inactive or quit because of this message wall, monaco, a…

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  • Universalguardian1003

    I know there is a policy of some kind on the internet preventing users under 13 from making any sort of account, but I'm wondering if wikia enforces it. I've recently noticed that many users across wikia are under 13, and I've blocked one myself on my wiki. Should the age rule be enforced?

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  • Universalguardian1003

    Well, I got a couple of reports on my wiki about some of our users being blocked by "Exel" for spam. Here is what they said.

    "Very odd. This morning, When I tried to edit, it said I was blocked by somebody called Exel. Now, I can edit again. Well, it may just be on talk pages and blogs. I'll tell you if I can't. I sure Hope I can edit pages. I'll check via Moondot's page. -1LugiaLover 14:18, January 27, 2011 (UTC)"

    "Somehow it was lifted while I was in school. So i dunno. Either it was lifted by him/other person or that guy was forced to lift it for unfair/unreasonable banning, because I would never spam, and he said that was the reason. -1LugiaLover 19:42, January 27, 2011 (UTC)"

    "Strange..... Well, my sorrowstar account, which is now my sister…

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