"We love our passionate Community Central readers — we really do! However, until we see a wider release of Message Wall, we won’t make any determinations about how this product will work simply based on the number of “No!” comments received in the previous blog post. (As of my last check, the over 1,100 comments on Dopp's post were made by just ~300 individuals.) We literally have millions of users on Wikia."


This is not a personal attack, only an example.

Lala. I prefer source to the visual editor anyway, that's one of the few good things I find in this message wall.

There may only be 300 people that left comments out of millions, but so what? Most of those users are probably inactive or quit because of this message wall, monaco, article comments and such. Other may just be rebelling against comments all together, and not even commenting. Ironic, isn't it?

Let's see the percentages...

Rate by how much you like/want it. 1 - 5

1 = I hate this! Just delete it!

2 = I hate it. Just keep it on certain wikis that ask for it.

3 = I don't like it, but I'll be fine if you make it optional.

4 = Neutral

5 = I love the idea of it! Just release it already, and ignore the whiners!

Message Wall

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