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Fairytale or reality?

I have no idea, what to write. But I know, I don't wanna talk about video games.. Or about world where we lived. I want to talk about me. I'm a school girl, my age is a secret to you guys, I lived in Lithuania it is really small country. I'm not very tall or short, so sometimes I hate it. But it's okay. I was in depresion twelve months and two weeks, it's really awkward but it's a​lright​. I know what I'm or What I want to be. I know what I have and I want. I have true friends not that "fake friends". I love my life now, then I'm not in depresion. I don't like being sad, I always have to smile or I will cry. So I don't know the reason why I writing that. But l like being ME.  I​ like then everyone are nice to me, but if they are not I'm not nice with them. Okay, so if I would be in other body it would be my boyfriend, because he is the only know how I feel then I said that I want to die. Guys I feel like it's happened... I'm going down to my nightmares...