• Usman Mustafa Saleh


    June 23, 2014 by Usman Mustafa Saleh

    Hello, I am a user from the UAE. I go on wikia mostly for fun, but I would like to file a complaint. You can call me UMS for short if you want, or just Usman.

    Okay, to the real topic. I'll tell you my story. There Is a little community in wikia that my friends and I found called TheFutureofEuropes Wiki. It is full of "Mappers" who post kinds of videos on youtube, with some sort of plot where countries talk and something. I wanted to do this on youtube, and I went on their wikia and said hi and did some chatting with them. Then one of my friends, MansurNejem96, joined too. By then we had a little "Alliance" going on for defense, because there were some (roleplaying?) factions on that wiki. There were some hostile people there so people had m…

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