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  • Valentin 98

    Urgent help!

    June 23, 2012 by Valentin 98

    On the Bakugan Role Play Wiki, an bureaucrat/admin on there whose username is Airzel-of-haos was sort of threatening me by saying that if I ignored his question (over some thing about a special effect on this art program called GIMP), "it won't be pretty". I answered his question, but also told him to not threaten me or Wikia Staff would be informed. He then threatened me again by saying that he would get rid of me, and also cursed while doing so. (Cursing, however, was allowed on the Bakugan Role Play Wiki for some reason, though I have not cursed on there, as far as I recall.) I covered most of the curse word he had used in red to keep it censored, but an uncensored version of the same image below is available in case needed.

    Wikia Staff,…

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  • Valentin 98

    A situation...

    March 26, 2012 by Valentin 98

    Anyways, so on this forum site called BakuganBuzz, I made like a Fan Fiction/Role Play called Bakugan Tales. One of my friends on there, who was part of the RP before he quit it and who's account for Wikias is Seiki14, asked me on that site if there could be a Wikia for Bakugan Tales. I said I'd think about it, for we already had information on it on one of my other Wikias. I also said if there is a Bakugan Tales Wiki, I would make it since I'm the creator and owner of it. Seiki14 says OK, and I told him I'd give him my answer in a week. A few days later after our conversation, however, I discover that he made the Wikia himself - without telling me. (I found out after searching it, for I suspected that Seiki14 would make it without my permi…

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  • Valentin 98

    Important question!

    March 1, 2012 by Valentin 98

    What happens when someone's Wiki is put up for adoption and that Wikia is adopted by someone, but the founder of that Wikia becomes active again? Does the founder still have their founder rights and (though this last question sounds stupid and a little greedy, but I'm just curious) the right to make the person who adopted their Wikia a normal member again with good reason? I'm asking because I'm the founder of several Wikias, but I can go on some of them a one to a few times in a while (unfortunately) due to schoolwork, homework, tests, a comicbook I'm working on, and other things in my daily life. However, I don't want to give them (the Wikias) up, though I could use more members on them (and maybe some admins with my permission). Please …

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