What happens when someone's Wiki is put up for adoption and that Wikia is adopted by someone, but the founder of that Wikia becomes active again? Does the founder still have their founder rights and (though this last question sounds stupid and a little greedy, but I'm just curious) the right to make the person who adopted their Wikia a normal member again with good reason? I'm asking because I'm the founder of several Wikias, but I can go on some of them a one to a few times in a while (unfortunately) due to schoolwork, homework, tests, a comicbook I'm working on, and other things in my daily life. However, I don't want to give them (the Wikias) up, though I could use more members on them (and maybe some admins with my permission). Please answer my questions!

Also, can someone please give me the link to see the list of Wikias currently up for adoption? I'm asking so that I can confirm that one of my Wikias isn't up for adoption, even though I sent an email.