On the Bakugan Role Play Wiki, an bureaucrat/admin on there whose username is Airzel-of-haos was sort of threatening me by saying that if I ignored his question (over some thing about a special effect on this art program called GIMP), "it won't be pretty". I answered his question, but also told him to not threaten me or Wikia Staff would be informed. He then threatened me again by saying that he would get rid of me, and also cursed while doing so. (Cursing, however, was allowed on the Bakugan Role Play Wiki for some reason, though I have not cursed on there, as far as I recall.) I covered most of the curse word he had used in red to keep it censored, but an uncensored version of the same image below is available in case needed.

Right after that, he kickbanned me for no apparent reason, after I said "BEARS" as a response to joke another user said.

Wikia Staff, PLEASE do something about situation as soon as you can. This isn't the first time Airzel-of-haos has done something like this. Please make sure AOH stops doing these things. Thanks for your help!