Haii my name is Vamp knight addict, or you can just call me either Kodie or Raven. The reason why I have two names is because I was adopted and this is where my story begins..

I lived with my real parents until I was 5 years old then I remember them talking about sending me away and that they didnt want a blonde haired daughter, so they put me up for adoption. I was in a adoption home and care centre until I was 7 and I was adopted by a wonderfully amazing family which I live with and still love to death today. They adopted me when I just turned 8 and they took me in and cared for me and they legally changed my name to Raven . But then 2 years ago I found out that my real parents were murdered....... I didn't know anything after that....

didn't know what to think

didn't know what to do

didn't know what emotion to show

and didn't know what I was really doing like was I walking, sitting?

I was going through a downward spiral of sadness and anger. I had so much pain inside of me so I decided that the only way that will release my pain was Self-harm. God now when I look back at it I feel like a complete idiot for what I did. I have been cutting myself for 2 whole years I have minors scars on my wrist but big scars on my thigh. I regret doing that because I still had pain inside of me. But then a friend showed me COUNSELLING. I feel a whole lot better after my first counselling session. I have told this story to many people but they only listen to me when I tell them my fav stuff like bands colours and even favourite scent?

Well I love these bands to DEATH!!!

  • Bullet for my valentine
  • Falling in reverse
  • Escape the fate
  • Black veil brides
  • Slipknot
  • Asking Alexandria
  • Pierce the veil
  • House vs hurricane

My favourite scent is Frangipani

My favourite colours are Purple and Black

I love emo pop scene~! <3

And I just die for cute things~!

My favourite song at the moment is I <3 hello kitty by Blood on the dance floor

If you want to hear more about my story please visit this site it would be much appreciated if youd help us guys get more users~!

thnx guys xxx

Vamp knight addict