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Facebook: Facebook is useful because it allows you to post opinions and share ideas. It is also helpful because it allows you to talk to family and friends.

Youtube: Youtube is helpful as it lets you post videos and watch videos on tutorials or gaming etc. This is good for helping people through issues they might have.

Wikia: Wikia is good because it lets you talk to random people on a live chat about any issues you might have. It also allows you to post blogs on what you're doing or what you plan to do.

How IT Changed: ICT has changed over the years in many different ways, one of the main ways is phones. Nokia 3310 (Nokia brick) this phone could survive a lorry hitting it. This means that it was very hard to break. However, some of the newest phones that have come out recently would break from a 1ft drop.

Protection: Use a good password, have it encrypted to make sure you're not hacked.

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