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  • My occupation is I am not the real desi singer Vennu Mallesh, only "fan account"
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    So I go on Wikia, it is April 1st so they are probably doing April Fools on us.

    If you go to wikia's main page you expect to see hub of wikis but it is now Buzzfeed with lots of fandoms! Lol! Pranked!

    And when you press that big sidebar on the top of the page, you expect to look for Gaming Wikis no but it redirects to, wow !

    I don't like Batman but wikia wants me to see it everywhere on the fandom sidebar!!! It makes me think I am on Batman Wiki everywhere!

    Good april fools prank!!

    1. makewikiagreatagain
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  • Vennu Mallesh

    EDIT (3/28/16) One of the community support managers has responded. Here is what she said.

    Your response may or may not be true, but this isn't the first time users have criticized the staff and the dev team. Look at this blog:

    I'm sure we're all aware of "Fandom", while it is a splendid idea and there is nothing wrong with it, there is something I have against it - it is everywhere, and I can't stop it and other users cannot stop it either. Even with adblock it still would appear on another page. Using a CSS would solve this but what if you're an anon or don't care about it, you have to take such a measure …

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