EDIT (3/28/16) One of the community support managers has responded. Here is what she said.


Your response may or may not be true, but this isn't the first time users have criticized the staff and the dev team. Look at this blog:

I'm sure we're all aware of "Fandom", while it is a splendid idea and there is nothing wrong with it, there is something I have against it - it is everywhere, and I can't stop it and other users cannot stop it either. Even with adblock it still would appear on another page. Using a CSS would solve this but what if you're an anon or don't care about it, you have to take such a measure in order to remove wikia's constant advertisement of their "fandom".

If you don't know what I am talking about - look at this:


Honestly, it may seem like a small thing and can be easily ignored but in reality it is annoying. These are like those annoying click-bait ads you see on websites.

Look at Wikipedia, do you see this kind of stuff there? Wikia is now called the home of fandom yes, but it was never like this before. Their decision to call Wikia "The Home of Fandom" doesn't affect it so significantly beside of being like a catchphrase or something.

These fandom ads are on EVERY ARTICLE ON WIKIA. Are people really interested in "Top 10 kisses of the DC Universe" when trying to look up some stuff on the Call of Duty Wiki? I'm here to discuss with you users how you feel about this.

The only thing staff is going to say is "oh it doesn't matter it's not hurting you or anything", well it would be fine if didn't always come up on every single page. Given, it does not appear on pages like blogs so they must have thought of this before, but this shouldn't be everywhere.

Would you users be mad if Wikia kept advertising their updates on the sidebar on every article? I'm sure I would and the idea sounds ridiculous - yet they do it with fandom.

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