Hello all!

Today I’ll be talking about some do’s and don’ts if you get banned from Community Central Chat, in the event that you aren’t sure what course of action to take. In this blog I’ll be using “moderator/mod” to refer to both chat moderators and administrators, as far as chat matters go.

Note: If you legitimately think that your ban was a mistake, you can skip straight to step 2. Otherwise, please read on!

What you should do:

Step one: Understand why you were banned.

If you’re confused about the reason, check your ban reason or see if the moderator or who banned you left a message on your wall. If neither of these these things help, you can leave a respectful (that part is important) message on the banning mod’s wall to ask for clarification on why you were banned.

(if you aren’t familiar with the chat guidelines, you should probably read them to prevent more mishaps.)

Step two: Appealing

You may appeal your ban to the moderator who banned you *one* time, if you wish, by leaving them a message on their message wall asking to be unbanned or have your ban shortened. You’ll want to give a few good reasons, and/or a sincere apology, as “unban me or i’ll never forgive u” won’t help your case. You should remain polite and respectful, even if the moderator doesn’t think you should be unbanned, as being rude may get your ban lengthened or even result in a block from Community Central.

Step three: The aftermath

If you’ve gotten to this point after being banned, you’ll likely have either resolved your ban with the moderator or will be waiting it out. Once your ban is over in any situation, you should have a better understanding of the rules and be able to avoid breaking them again, and I hope you’ll be able to continue enjoying Community Central Chat.

You can always send a private message to a mod/admin in chat if you’re unsure about whether or not a topic or something you want to link is appropriate. We’re usually more than happy to answer an honest question and avoid any problems in the first place!

What you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t make sockpuppet accounts to evade your ban. This is against the rules and can result in your ban becoming much longer on your main account.
  • Don’t harass moderators about unbanning you. As mentioned in step two, this kind of behavior could result in your ban becoming longer or even receiving a block from community central.
  • Don’t post on the forums, or on the message walls of several moderators about your ban. This can be considered spammy, and the best way to deal with a ban is directly with the moderator who banned you.

And as always, you can send a message to Fandom Staff via Special:Contact/general if you have concerns about how the mods and admins are operating. Thanks for reading!