When I saw the trailer for this stand alone game from Ubisoft bearing the Far cry 3 name I knew I would love it. When I finally got to play the game earlier this month it was everything I hoped for. Far cry 3: blood dragon might be the dumbest game I have ever played, and that is why it might also be the greatest game I have ever played. The biggest surprise is that on the success of Farcry 3 last year, Ubisoft let this team make this game instead of a map pack that nobody would play. The story seems like it was picked up off the cutting room floor of any cheesy action movie or cartoon from the 80’s and put into video game form. The game takes place in the distant future of 2007 and you play as Sgt Rex Colt a cyber commando and veteran of Vietnam War 2, you and your partner Snake are sent to this island to stop a madman who is trying to destroy the world.

I think the story is not really important in this game it is the game play and environment of the game that makes it awesome. The first time I shot a omega soldier in the face with my bow your character then says “I guess he got the point”, I was in love. If you played Farcry 3, then this game will instantly feel comfortable all the controls are the same and for the most part the guns still shoot and handle the same way. You still have the enemy bases to take over and the different ways you can do that in Farcry 3: Blood Dragon are just as enjoyable as they was in Farcry3 . The first time you try and take out a blood dragon with just your regular weapons you soon realize you have made a grave mistake and must run because they are quite hard to take down unless you have a heavy machine gun or a turret. The blood dragons can actually be used to try and kill everybody in a enemy stronghold if you have any cyber hearts which you get by ripping them out of the fallen cyber soldiers you kill in the game, you can throw one and the smell will lure a close by blood dragon to where you threw the heart. The overall game took me around seven hours to finish. I could still go back and try to find all the hidden items but I was not motivation to do that.

Now, for the things in the game I did not like were several of the jokes in the game. I could not decide if it wants to be a silly action movie or a self aware video game. All of the loading screens in the game have the usual quick hints, but in this game they they were pretty corny. The worse example of it is in the beginning when you finally get full control of Sgt. Rex Colt, your partner Snake says a computer command and now your internal network reboots itself and puts you into training mode. The entire time your in the training mode your character is saying things like “Please, I just want to shoot people.” It is suppose to be funny because we have all thought that with any training level in a game, but it just annoyed me in the way it was handled pretty much how it does in any video game with a training level.

This game is rated M for strong violence and strong language. There is never really any blood per se in the game since you are killing full cyber soldiers, instead it is blue liquid. The real thing that might keep you from playing this game is the language and there is a lot of it and it is strong, unfortunately there is no option to turn it off.

The game is only $14.99 and it gives you in several ways more features then you could find in a full retail game. They stream lined some other features so they could meet a the price point for this game. Overall, I would give it four out of five stars. This game was so close to legen-(wait for it)-dary status, but slipped on a few key ideas.