aka Villy

  • I live in A mansion >:)
  • I was born on July 14
  • My occupation is Warlady, noble
  • I am The walrus!
  • Vilaya

    I have created this blog on my alternate account rather than using my normal one, SalemtheCruel, because honestly I don't think I'm in any emotional shape to handle anything involved with that account.

    As you may have seen on Niko's blog, the owner of Redwall Wiki, LordTBT blocked me just for chatting. He called this 'disciplinary action' How the hell is blocking someone considered disicipline?! If he keeps doing that, then fine. Everyone on RW will leave and that's perfectly fine by me.

    I have no idea how anyone will think of this, but my fanfictions on the Redwall Wiki were my life and my salvation. I loved writing them and having my work praised, and now I can't write anymore, or even post something on someone else's message wall, which i…

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