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    Project: Soulscape

    October 20, 2012 by Violentpurge09

    An up and coming Server for the Terraria computer game. Based out of the Terraria Online Forums. This Wiki will serve as a Library for all Known Lore about the project.


    Jojiro (Image coming soon)


    (pages designed by authenticator of the Lore.)

    The Soulscape Wars Beyond the view of mortals, a duel happening among The Ancients since the beginning of existence. The participants are identical in everyway. We cannot use the words “Good” and “Evil” to describe either as they are older than time, therefore older than the meanings of such words. Until recently the match has been close each side being able to predict the others next move. The coming Corruption has brought the duel to standstill as each side weighs …

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