aka bill engvall

  • I live in too personal
  • My occupation is playing pirates online
  • I am male
  • Walker2000

    Wiki rights

    November 14, 2011 by Walker2000

    i was banned from chat because of not being 13 but the admins know good and well that not everyone is 13 on here so i dont think it is far is to admins to harass a user but not all the others because there is about at least 2000 accounts that are not 13 and there is no reason for that. so this is not fair to 1 user to do this.


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  • Walker2000

    pirates of the caribbean online gamers is now open we ask for help

    on this new wiki, with your help we can make it real big. we are

    hiring admins we need 7 so please come and join

    thank you

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